Oxford MediStress, a spin-out company from the University of Oxford, is
commercialising a novel i
n vitro blood test device which provides the first
objective, quantitative measurement of stress.  The rapid test, which works from
a single drop of blood, is already being used to monitor recovery in footballers
from English Premiership football clubs.
Stress: The Curse of the 21st Century

Stress has been called the scourge of the 21st century.  An estimated 1 in 10
people suffer from work-related stress (
Health & Safety Exec Info Sheet, Feb
2002) at a cost to the British economy of £3.7 billion annually in lost output.   
Studies have shown that excessive stress over a prolonged period can lead to
mental & physical illness, including depression, nervous breakdown and heart
Our proprietary method can be used in a number of ways including:
Monitoring recovery and conditioning levels in elite athletes
Monitoring stress in the workplace: optimising potential & creativity
Recruitment: Screening candidates for highly stressed jobs
Monitoring chronic stress conditions: a consumer product
Insurance: Health screening
Product design for stress-minimization and user-friendliness
Wellness: optimisation of stress relief products and techniques
Farming techniques: stress-free products
Veterinary Services: measuring stress in domestic pets